Festival Of Learning

In the drill of everyday life, we women often miss out on investing in ourselves. The drive to learn how to take good food photographs took a back seat because the kid's exams are coming up. Can't find time to go for that course on how to make rocking reels on Instagram because I'm just too busy at work! I want to learn how to boost my confidence in the professional world but I'll wait for another day...

Isn't it time you slow down a little and invest some time in yourself? This festive season, celebrate yourself - learn a new skill or gain insight into a topic you've always been interested in!

Embark on a learning journey this festive season with Marketplace @ Women's Web at our 'Festival of Learning' - where you get a 10% discount to get you started on a range of high-impact workshops, from leadership skills to craft to mindfulness to building meaningful relationships.

This festive season, take your pick from any of these stellar workshops, and your 10% discount is on us!

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